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NCHR President calls on international community to prevent genocide against Palestinian people

Ambassador Moushira Khattab, PhD, the President of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) urged the international community to act on the humanitarian crisis faced by the Palestinian people, who suffer from severe human rights violations by the occupying forces. The Israeli occupation neglects its duty to respect the human rights of the Palestinians under its control, depriving them of basic health services among other things, she noted.

Khattab denounced the indifference to the Palestinians’ forced eviction, the breakdown of their health, food and education services, and the intentional killing of unarmed civilians in densely populated areas, which caused over 29,000 deaths, mostly of children and women, in an alleged genocide.

Khattab hoped that Egypt’s and South Africa’s appeals to the International Court of Justice would secure the Palestinians’ right to independence and a sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital.

The NCHR President emphasized that these abuses would not bring peace or success to Israel, but would only fuel more bloodshed and suffering in the area and the world.