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NCHR reconstitutes Drama Jury Committee for Ramadan 2024

Ambassador Moushira Khattab, the President of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), has announced a reorganization of the Ramadan Drama Jury Committee. This committee is an extension of the Council’s Cultural Rights Committee, under the leadership of Ms. Samira Luca.


The National Council for Human Rights is set to assess notable Ramadan dramas series that delve into human rights-related themes. The committee of experts will curate the finest productions for Ramadan showcasing, emphasizing narratives that bolster the understanding of human rights values and principles.

Khattab highlighted the significance of the drama committee’s work within the NCHR’s cultural agenda, underscoring the pivotal role of drama in promoting the culture of human rights. She regards it as a key element of Egypt’s soft power in the expansive domain of cultural diplomacy.

Ambassador Mahmoud Karem, the Council’s Vice President, recounted the evolution of the NCHR’s Drama Committee and its operations since 2011. He stressed the importance of integrating human rights principles in the creation of dramas. Furthermore, he remarked on the current Ramadan season occurring against a backdrop of stark human rights breaches in Palestine, advocating for these issues to be mirrored in the dramatic presentations during this sacred month.

Ambassador Fahmy Fayed, Secretary-General of the National Council for Human Rights, observed that this year’s Ramadan television series are marked by a dynamic array of themes and concepts, poised to influence society profoundly. Consequently, the Ramadan Drama Arbitration Committee faces a pivotal and demanding role in this season’s proceedings

Mr. Ezzat Ibrahim, NCHR member, underscored the importance of producing an annual report on Egyptian drama and creating a team dedicated to the year-round monitoring of the drama scene.

Ms. Samira Luca, presiding over the Cultural Rights Committee and a NCHR member, highlighted the critical need for diligent observation of this year’s dramatic productions, building on the committee’s ongoing efforts. She also extended a warm reception to the distinguished members of the Drama Committee for the year 2024.

The committee includes: the art critic Tarek El Shenawi, Father Botros Daniel, Head of the Catholic Center for Cinema and Media, media figure Amr Khafaji, literary critic Sayed Mahmoud, art critic Andrew Mohsen, journalist Amina Khairy, and journalist Dalia Shams.

It is expected that the awards for winning series will be distributed at a ceremony hosted by the National Council for Human Rights after the end of Ramadan.